All the benefits of a professional, full-time marketing staff, without all the expense.
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Marler and Associates doesn't just help you figure out how to push information to your customers. We also help develop strategies for pulling benefit from your relationships. That's because we know that growth is not just about sales, though revenue is obviously a desirable outcome. Growth begins with relationships, and relationships begin with communication.

Businesses that bombard their audience with flashy gimmicks  but neglect the service component to the equation, may find themselves wondering why their customers don't keep coming back for more. They may come for the promotion, but they don't think of you when it's time to purchase other products or services you may offer. With the ease and affordability of social media, it's easier than ever before to share your whole message with consumers - reinforcing your brand and exposing existing customers to products or services beyond your original sale.

Please take a moment to enjoy some of the ways we've helped our customers build relationships with customers - current and future.

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Tami Marler, MBA
Tami Marler, MBA is Marler and Associates' lead consultant and president. 

She rec
eived her Master of Business Administration from The University of Tulsa where she excelled in marketing, management and organizational development. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Tulsa.

Tami helped to build a successful family commercial building services company from the ground up. At the height of its operation, the company had more than 200 employees serving commercial customers throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, she's led numerous award-winning organizations and departments.
All the benefits of a professional marketing staff, without all the expense
Marler and Associates provides all of the services of a full-time, full-service professional marketing staff, without all the salaries and benefits. Let us learn your business and customers, then let us develop everything from your marketing plan and strategy, to the materials and online swag that keep your customers informed and engaged.
Media Relations Pro
With Tami Marler at the helm, we have the experience and expertise of a 15-year media veteran to help you get your story to the masses. The news media is just one facet of media relations. Marler & Associates helps you assemble a media toolkit that puts you in control of your story, every time.
Motivational Speaker
Need to give your workforce a spark of motivation and encouragement? Tami Marler has been entertaining audiences and groups since her days at Miss Oklahoma and Miss America. Pick a topic - workplace bullying, safety, social media, spokesperson training - Tami's diverse background provides a wealth of anecdotes that entertain and inspire.
Marketing Guru
Marketing is as much an art as it is a science; and Marler & Associates is both artist and mad scientist when it comes to identifying and refining a message, and delivering it at the right time, to the right audience. We don't just develop detailed marketing plans, we help you find and implement the tools that drive growth.
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