All the benefits of a professional, full-time marketing staff, without all the expense.
Marler & Associates

Marler and Associates is a Tulsa-based strategic marketing and public relations firm that serves businesses seeking to identify their message, then share it with existing and prospective customers. 

We get to know your business so we can understand your values and culture, then we help you develop a plan to reach and impact your customers - current and future. Whether you're targeting millennials, boomers or  or GenX-ers, Marler will help you identify the tools and tactics to hit the target, every time.

Founded by former TV journalist and MBA, Tami Marler, we bring to the table experience and proven instincts, so you can rest assured, your marketing plan is in the hands of a trustworthy, industrious, capable, proven marketing and PR leader. 

Whether you need collateral materials, someone to manage your social media, a website re-design or a whole image makeover, Marler has the expertise and connections to ensure your well-defined message comes across loud and clear to the right targets, at the right times.

Marler's extensive background in Tulsa television and radio news, combined with her Master of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa where she immersed herself in Marketing, Tami's diverse experience gives clients the benefits of all sides of the strategic puzzle.

Can't afford a full-time Marketing Director or full-time spokesperson but understand the importance of both to the growth of your organization? That's why Marler and Associates exists.

You have time to do what you do best when you partner with Marler. From Mom-and-Pop-sized organizations to major corporations, Marler & Associates provides comprehensive marketing and digital services for budgets of all sizes.

Tami Marler, MBA
Tami Marler, MBA is Marler and Associates' lead consultant and president. 

She rec
eived her Master of Business Administration from The University of Tulsa where she excelled in marketing, management and organizational development. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Tulsa.

Tami helped to build a successful family commercial building services company from the ground up. At the height of its operation, the company had more than 200 employees serving commercial customers throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, she's led numerous award-winning organizations and departments.
All the benefits of a professional marketing staff, without all the expense
Marler and Associates provides all of the services of a full-time, full-service professional marketing staff, without all the salaries and benefits. Let us learn your business and customers, then let us develop everything from your marketing plan and strategy, to the materials and online swag that keep your customers informed and engaged.
Media Relations Pro
With Tami Marler at the helm, we have the experience and expertise of a 15-year media veteran to help you get your story to the masses. The news media is just one facet of media relations. Marler & Associates helps you assemble a media toolkit that puts you in control of your story, every time.
Motivational Speaker
Need to give your workforce a spark of motivation and encouragement? Tami Marler has been entertaining audiences and groups since her days at Miss Oklahoma and Miss America. Pick a topic - workplace bullying, safety, social media, spokesperson training - Tami's diverse background provides a wealth of anecdotes that entertain and inspire.
Marketing Guru
Marketing is as much an art as it is a science; and Marler & Associates is both artist and mad scientist when it comes to identifying and refining a message, and delivering it at the right time, to the right audience. We don't just develop detailed marketing plans, we help you find and implement the tools that drive growth.
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